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We measure time in minutes, days, months and years. We measure our business and personal relationships by the gifts we give. We build permanent relationships by consistently communicating at a personal level. Only custom calendar printing or wall calendars can do that for you.

Are you tired of?
*Late delivery calendar printing companies in johannesburg south africa
*Poor quality calendars
*Expensive personalised calendars
*Expensive calendar deliveries
*Unreliable calendar printers
*Expensive advertising forms
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Do you want these?

  • Free & fast calendar delivery
  • Your customers to appreciate you
  • To build permanent relationship with your customers
  • Cheap calendar printing companies in johannesburg south africa
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  • Full color personalized calendars
    Only if the answer yes, your solution is Print Press’s cheap and high quality 2018 calendars.

What people are saying
Print Press was voted the best calendar printing company in South Africa by people.
“Somebody advised me to look for a white owned calendar printing company. Even though I was in doubts I decided to go with Print Press. Today all I can say is, if you visit homes and offices in the rest of Limpopo you will see best build calendars and they are done by Print Press since 2010.”
Mr Fazal (BestBuild managing director)

Why Printpress calendars & diaries

  • Because Printpress calendars are the cheapest in johannesburg and the whole South
  • Because Print Press delivers your calendars on time
  • Because with Print Press you pay on delivery
  • Because all the profits goes to a charity organization that is changing lives. That is a reason enough
  • Because Print Press was voted the best calendar printing company in South Africa by people.

I am in, what must I do?

  1. Click order now fill in the form. 2. Upload your art work or choose a template or give us instructions to design your calendar. 3. We confirm your order. You pay a deposit of 50%. 4. We print your calendars. 5. We deliver your calendars free of charge on your chosen day. 6. You pay the balance.

Why every company must order calendars
*because Printpress is the only advertising method that allows your company branding or products to be marketed everyday of the year
*because every person consult a calendar at least once a day, everyday so with custom calendar printing your advert is seen everyday, all year round.
*because personalised calendars reminds your customers of your products and services
*because calendars printing is the only non-pushy way of promoting your business
*because personalized calendar printing build permanent relationship with your customers and prospects
*because calendar printing exposes your brand to your customers or prospects and their visitors
*because calendars are the most effective form of brand communication
*because calendar printing enables your company information to be visible to multiple people and their visitors
*because calendars can be used to raise funds for charity organizations while at the same time advertising the organization
*because calendar printing exposes your company 24/7 to your clients /prospects and their visitors
*because calendar printing ensures that your company advert is there before the eyes of your customers for the whole year

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