Customised calendars

Customised calendars from R2
Custom calendar printing
Custom calendar printing from 55 cents
Custom calendar printing are calendars that have customized design just for you according to your needs.
Benefits of custom calendar printing
• Custom calendar printing is the most useful promotional method that your customers and clients will appreciate and relate to.
• Custom calendar printing let your customers know about your products and services.
• Custom calendar printing accommodates Images, advertising messages, products and services of your company.
• Custom calendar printing is easy to distribute and are a great tool to increase brand awareness.
• Custom calendars last longer than other marketing materials.
• People fashion their lives around a calendar, both at work and home so custom calendars are a great gift to them.
• Every person consults a calendar at least once a day, everyday so with custom calendar printing your advert is seen everyday, all year round.
• With Custom calendar printing you can be sure that these will be used by almost all the recipients than any other calendars and advertising materials.
• People use calendars to mark important dates and events.