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2019 Diaries printing for sale South Africa from Only R29 Each
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Diary printing in South Africa is a very competitive market. For customers, they need to prioritize on association with the best 2019 diary printing company in South Africa. We at Printpress are known for quality leather diary printing in South Africa.  We understand that our  clients’ businesses  are  unique and  so their branding must not be limited. Printpress are is famous for Custom diary branding in Johannesburg South Africa to a design of your choice which will impress your clients in so many ways.

Getting a custom 2019 diary printing  is a powerful way of advertising your business as you give out as a special gift to your clients and they would see your Business on the diary cover every day of the year. A diary can be a lifetime way of marketing especially if your clients write personal things in their  diaries that has your  company name branded on the diary. Each time they go through the diary they first see your business name as it will be branded right on top of the diary as they peruse through memories in the diary.

Each time they look at their diaries they are reminded of your business and your services that is displayed on the cover page of the diaries printed by us at our Johannesburg printing shop shop. We are one of the cheap diary printing companies in South Africa .  We are known to be the best diary printers in Johannesburg South Africa. We print personalized  diaries in South Africa and custom brand diaries according to your choice. We are doomed the best diary printing company  in Johannesburg, Durban South Africa and the cheapest diary printing company in Johannesburg, Durban south Africa.  We import our paper from Indonesia that is basically cheaper than the local paper and produces good quality diary printing in South Africa.


There are very few companies that do diary manufacturing in South Africa to mention but just a few and reliable companies are Diaries For Africa, CTP Printers, Diaries Direct and Printpress, most companies are just diary resellers and suppliers not diaries manufacturers and printers and obviously their diary prices are high. For cheap diaries in Johannesburg, south Africa contact Printpress for they are the cheapest diaries manufactures in Johannesburg

Why Chose Printpress For 2019 Diaries Printing In South Africa

Printpress is one of the most reliable printing companies in south Africa for all your 2019 diaries manufacturing, School Diaries south africa , diaries printing and cheap 2019 leather diaries in Southern Africa. Printpress keeps diary stock in the beginning of the year before paper price hikes towards end of year, that makes them the cheapest leather diaries manufacturing company in south Africa. They also get their paper stock in Indonesia cheaper and that really adds up to their low price diaries but very good quality diaries in Southern Africa

There is a lot of diaries printing companies in south Africa, but merely fly by night diaries suppliers. As for Printpress they do the manufacturing of diaries in their warehouse in Johannesburg so you are guaranteed that your diaries will be delivered and you get the diaries just on time.

Printpress supplies 2019 diaries in Johannesburg- Cape town- Durban, Eastern Cape, Kimberly, Bloemfontein, Mussina, and the rest of South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe were we have a branch in the capital city in Harare and the rest of Southern Africa. They print diaries mainly for printing companies at a broker`s price so they can re-sale the diaries and of course they print for the public at the same rate they charge printing companies, so they print Diaries Direct to the public

Diaries Printed and Delivered To You Wherever You Are In Southern Africa

Printpress says your geographical location is not a barrier. We use SwiftLink Couriers, Johannesburg that offers best courier services and very cost effective and that adds up to our low price diaries manufacturing and printing in South Africa. Printpress 2020 diaries Prices are cheap and their turnaround time is very reasonable as compared to most diary suppliers in Johannesburg because they do the diary printing in-house as well as the diary sewing and finishing in-house.


They are different from any other diaries supplier that takes away your hardly earned profits and or capital to promote and advertise your business through diaries and disappear into thin air after promising to deliver the diaries before 2019

Printpress has its main offices in Johannesburg.  And they are there to stay and deliver their promises until the end of it. You are welcome to walk pass and see where they are situated and place an order for 2018 diaries  while there is still time

And because they receive thousands of diaries to print every year, it is advisable that you place your order for 2019 diaries earlier and get your diaries printed earlier to avoid last minute pressures. Don’t hesitate to call them on their 010 020 3923 telephone all day long and their team awaits to help in every way for all your printing requirements


* Late diaries printing suppliers

* Diaries printing suppliers that takes your deposit and disappear

* Unreliable diaries manufacture

* Ridiculous diaries printing turnaround times

* Diaries manufacturers that make you feel so small when you ask about their turn-around times

* Late diaries printing deliveries

* Poor Quality printed diaries that are delivered very late and you don’t have a choice because you have paid your money for the diaries printed and it’s too late to order new diaries


If you are tired of these, then Printpress is here to assist you and walk you through from the very first call you make be it an email for a quote up until delivery. Our team responds promptly as we work flat out at times we do night shifts to ensure that Quality, Good Service, Fast Delivery and Good pricing is delivered to our valued clients on diary manufacturing, supplies and all printing requrements

What we offer

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  • Ask for a quote and our team responds quickly with the price and please provide with your phone numbers on the form to ease our communication
  • You are happy with the price then pay 60% deposit to our account number, immediately send proof of payment
  • We print your diaries
  • You pay the 40% balance on collection or delivery

Even if your diaries are late just talk to us we deliver overnight but with an extra rush fee that is not so much but to motivate our team and make sure your printing is done and diaries are delivered when you need them